April 25, 2020


Recently one of the world’s most beloved video games dropped its polished reimagining for fans worldwide to gawk over.

That’s right, Final Fantasy VII Remake, have finally released after all these years. With stunning graphics, reimagined gameplay, and a story that’s sure to pull your heart strings, it’s no wonder fans are itching to play this game.

I want to play this game so damn bad but I still haven’t bought a PS4, so I went to YouTube to watch gameplay.

That’s when I got sucked into watching someone else play the game in its entirety step by step and I love it.

Some people can’t understand how others can watch someone else playa an entire video game.

Well here’s how..


When I watch theradbrad’s videos it is worthwhile because of the commentary. He always walk you through his process in approaching the game, tell mini stories, and give a lot of background context to a game I never played before.

I went to watch other gameplay videos because I couldn’t wait to see what happens next and I just couldn’t do it. The other vid had no talking and it didn’t make me feel connected to the game at all.

Sure the whole point of the video is to see the game, but theradbrad’s commentary provided an invaluable experience.

Which is why I won’t know what happens in the game until he makes a video showing it first.


Just like theradbrad, you can use your voice in a natural way to cultivate an audience. Use your voice for things you are passionate about and try to incorporate some of your personal life into the mix.

Theradbrad, speaks about how the game differs from the original when he played and give stories about how it was as a ten year old to play such a massive game.

Whatever your topic is you have to let your audience feel connected to you. Stick to the facts, inject some humor, and most of all have fun.

You may not reach a gazillion subscribers but I can assure you, you will have people in love with your content dying for the next piece you decide to release.

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